• November 19, 2022
  • Online
  • 8:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Does QA TESTER Enjoy the Life?

Does QA Tester Enjoy the Life?
-Could you please tell us about QA tester/automation engineer life? -What are the responsibilities you have at your workplace and how is your typical day look like? -Why did you choose to become a automation engineer? -Let’s say you are given a bug tiket in your work place. What dod you do? Could you please tell us the steps you follow until the problem is solved? -Can someone who doesn’t speak English still become a QA tester and find a job? -Would you please tell us about Job opportunities? -Would you please give us information about mentoring program at Wise Quarter? -Are you going to help out to the Wise Quarter students to get prepared for the job interviews including soft skills and technical interviews?

Link👉 : https://us06web.zoom.us/j/85007302142?pwd=Y1JhbzBRbSswbGkwemZORlI0b05mdz09

Meeting ID: 850 0730 2142
Passcode: 471662

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