Becoming a Quality Assurance Tester in the US


Quality Assurance (QA) testing is an important job for any organization. It ensures that the products and services they deliver are of the highest quality, free from defects and errors. Quality assurance (QA) testers play an invaluable role in the IT world. By verifying, debugging, and testing software applications, they ensure that these programs function as intended and meet customer expectations. QA testing is becoming increasingly important as technology advances, making it a desirable career choice for many.

As technology advances and more and more businesses rely on the internet to provide their services, companies are looking for people with the necessary skills to ensure that their products are of the highest quality. Quality Assurance (QA) Testing is a highly sought-after job in the software and IT industry.  But what does it take to become a QA tester? How much do QA testers make in the US? And how can you learn these skills without an IT background?

If you’re considering becoming a QA tester in America, here’s what you need to know about salary expectations, training opportunities, and more.

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What Is Quality Assurance (QA) Testing?

Quality Assurance (QA) Testing is a process that ensures that software applications are working correctly and meeting user requirements. It involves testing various aspects of software such as its functionality, performance, security, usability, and compatibility. A successful QA tester should have an eye for detail and be able to identify any potential errors or issues before the product is released.


What Does A QA Tester Do?

QA testers have the important role of validating product quality before a product is released to the public. This involves testing for usability, reliability, and performance issues as well as ensuring that all coding meets industry standards. QA testers also document their findings and suggest improvements where necessary.


How Much Does a QA Tester Make in USA?

The salary of a QA tester varies depending on their experience, job location, and employer type. According to Glassdoor, the average annual salary for a QA tester in the US is $61,170 per year. However, this number can range from as low as $51,613 to upwards of $90K depending on these factors. It’s also important to note that salaries can differ based on whether you work for an agency or directly for a company. The salary for a QA tester varies depending on experience level, location, and other factors. For entry-level positions, you can expect to earn around $48k while more experienced professionals may earn closer to $91k per year.  Those employed by an agency may receive lower pay than those working for an established company due to lack of benefits and job security.


How Do I Become A QA Tester?

If you’re looking to become a QA tester in America but don’t have an IT background, Wise Quarter has an online course designed specifically for those who want to learn at their own pace. In just 6 months of self-paced learning, you will learn everything you need to get hired as a top-level professional with a competitive salary. Our comprehensive course covers topics like software development lifecycle (SDLC), manual testing processes & strategies, automation frameworks & tools selection criteria, debugging techniques & log analysis strategies – all backed up by real-world exercises so that you can put your knowledge into practice right away!


Wise Quarter’s Online QA Tester Bootcamp Course

For those without an IT background looking to become a QA tester but don’t know where to start or don’t have access to traditional education resources – Wise Quarter has you covered! Our online boot camp course was designed specifically for individuals who want to get up-to-speed quickly on quality assurance concepts and become certified testers without having to attend expensive classes or workshops! With our comprehensive program covering topics ranging from basic coding languages (Java & HTML) all the way up through advanced quality assurance principles – you can be sure that by taking our course you will be well-prepared to apply for your first job as a certified QA tester!

Wise Quarter’s online QA tester bootcamp course offers everything you need to get started as a QA tester without any prior experience or IT background. This comprehensive course covers topics such as manual testing fundamentals, automated testing basics, bug tracking systems like Selenium, JIRA & TestRail,  computer programming languages like Java, coding best practices & debugging techniques and much more! Plus you will also get access to our mentors who can help answer your questions throughout your learning journey!


Becoming a QA tester requires some technical knowledge and experience with coding languages such as Java and HTML. While formal education is not always necessary, employers often prefer those with at least some college education in computer science or related fields such as information technology or software engineering. Additionally, many employers look favorably upon applicants with certifications such as ISTQB Certified Tester Foundation Level (CTFL).


If you’re looking to break into tech but don’t have an IT background then Wise Quarter’s online QA tester bootcamp course could be perfect for you! This comprehensive course covers all facets of quality assurance testing so that you can develop essential skills needed to become successful in this field. Plus with an average salary of over $70K per year – there’s no better time than now to become a certified QA tester! So why wait?


Quality assurance testing is becoming more sought after than ever before thanks its importance within the world of IT and software development. If you are considering becoming a QA tester but don’t have any prior experience or knowledge of coding languages then Wise Quarter has got your back! Our online boot camp course provides comprehensive instruction on quality assurance principles plus tips on how-to ace interviews so that you can successfully launch your career in no time! So why wait? Enroll now and take your first step towards becoming a highly paid professional quality assurance tester today!

Becoming a QA tester in America is not only lucrative but can also be rewarding career choice with plenty of room for growth over time. To get started on your journey towards becoming a successful Quality Assurance professional, enrolling in Wise Quarter’s online bootcamp course is perfect for those without an IT background looking to pick up new skills quickly and efficiently! With our comprehensive curriculum covering topics such as SDLCs and manual testing processes & strategies—you’ll be ready for the world of Quality Assurance in no time! So why wait? Sign up today!


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