What Are Software Testing Techniques?

In this article, we’ll cover some of the most common Software Testing techniques. Whether your system is new or old, these techniques can make the difference between an application being ready to launch and one that’s destined to be a complete failure. Whether you’re testing a web application, a mobile app, or an entire website, there are techniques to meet your needs. Read on to learn more. After all, the more time you put into developing software, the more successful it will be.

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There are many types of testing techniques, each of which focuses on a particular type of defect. In general, there are three categories: white box techniques, black box testing, and gray box testing. Each one has its own strengths and weaknesses. The first is the structure-based approach, which focuses on the internal structure of software to determine test cases. This technique is effective at all levels of testing, from low-level tests to large-scale inspections by a moderator.


Another technique for software testing is error guessing. This technique relies on a tester’s skill, intuition, and experience to make educated guesses about a given application’s defects. Using the knowledge that they’ve gained over the years, they can create a list of probable error conditions. Then, they can write a test case that exposes the errors. The tester may also use prior experience to create the test cases, thereby reducing the number of errors the analyst must test.


White box testing, also known as structural testing, is a technique that involves examining the internal structure of a program. This method requires a deep knowledge of a program’s code. The goal is to examine all paths and branches in a program. White box testing is useful for system and integration testing, and includes multiple testing techniques. The most common white box test, however, is the white-box test. It tests the functionality of the application.


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