Software Testing Training with Ahmet Bulutluöz at BTK Academy

This is a great opportunity for those who are interested in software testing and those who are new to software development! We have another announcement where you can get basic information about software development processes and testing for free with Ahmet Bulutluöz, an instructor at Wise Quarter Course.

Software Testing Training with Ahmet Bulutluöz at BTK Academy

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BTK Academy Platform Provides Free Trainings in Turkey

Introduction to Software Testing training is given by Ahmet Bulutluöz, who has more than 20 years of experience in IT, graduated from Istanbul Technical University and provides SDET, Java and Software Testing Expertise, Automation trainings in our course.


Maybe you are wondering; what is the Wise Quarter Course? Wise Quarter is one of the leading technology courses in Turkey and around the world. It has competent and experienced instructors and offers participants a quality education opportunity thanks to its professional infrastructure.

Details About the Course

This course is designed for anyone looking for an introduction to the world of software testing. Under the guidance of Ahmet Bulutluöz, participants will learn about software testing concepts, test types, basic terminology, automation testing and much more.

Throughout the course, participants will see practical examples, demos, and an application testing process from scratch that expands in size as complexity increases. This will make it easier to apply the theoretical knowledge learned to real-world software testing processes.

Who is Ahmet Bulutluöz?

Who is Ahmet Bulutluöz

He has gained a wide range of experience from software test automation to strategic planning. Ahmet Bulutluöz not only offers his expertise through the Wise Quarter platform but also extends his teaching to renowned educational platforms such as Udemy and BTK Academy. His proficiency and extensive experience in his field make him a distinguished instructor across these platforms, where he continues to share valuable insights and practical knowledge with a wide audience interested in software testing and development.


Ahmet Bulutluöz will provide his participants with theoretical knowledge as well as tips and tricks that will be useful in real business environments. The time you will spend under his guidance will allow you to get to know the world of software testing more closely.


Course Content and Expectation

Software Testing Training with Ahmet Bulutluöz at BTK Academy

Let’s detail the topics that will be covered in this course throughout the training:


  • Introduction to software testing
  • Software testing concepts and basic principles
  • Testing approaches and types
  • Differences and advantages between manual and automated testing
  • Use of popular automation tools such as Selenium and Appium
  • Basic knowledge of programming languages such as Java and Python

At the end of the course, participants will graduate equipped with basic knowledge and skills in software testing.


Who Can Participate?

  • Those who are interested in software testing
  • People involved in the current test environment
  • Those planning a career in software development

The training does not require any engineering or computing education; participants only need to be willing to learn and experiment.

Post-Training Opportunities


This training course also has a rich infrastructure and practical network. After the training, participants can benefit from Wise Quarter’s wide range of course opportunities and networking opportunities suitable for the test structure.

Wise Quarter also offers internship and job opportunities to successful participants after the training.

Frequently Asked Questions About Training

Frequently Asked Questions About Training

Is the Course Paid?


No, this training is offered free of charge under the roof of BTK Academy.


How Can I Register?


Those who want to register for this free training can complete the registration process on the official website of BTK Academy.


Is Special Hardware Required for the Training?


No, no special hardware is required for the training. Your computer’s internet connection are sufficient.


Is the Training Participation Certified?


Yes, participants who successfully complete the training will receive a certificate.


If you want to learn the basics of software testing or want to improve your IT career in testing, start with Ahmet Bulutluöz. This course offers you an opportunity to see your career as a positive step in the future.


As Wise Quarter Course; we always aim to exist and progress with education. For this reason, we continue to organize participant-oriented and accessible courses for everyone. We look forward to meeting our participants with a quality, remote access training! Register now to not miss this opportunity and to have the knowledge and skills that will make you stand out in the complex and competitive IT world.




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